Live PIP (Picture in picture) Over Zoom

May 11, 2023

What is a Live PIP Over Zoom & how can it benefit me and my case?
Live Picture in picture video is very similar to a post-production PIP, with the difference being that everybody over Zoom will be able to see the PIP live during the deposition, but why would you want something like this? Well first off you will be able to see both the exhibit and the witness on one screen, this is especially good if you’re trying to capture a deponents’ reaction of a document, it creates a very clean zoom picture for everybody and spices up the zoom video deposition experience. Another benefit is that you are not only limited to only two outputs, you can connect a laptop, camera, Elmo and iPad all at the same time while being able to switch back and forth extremely quick!

What Do I Need To Do To Get a Live PIP Over Zoom?
It’s actually quite simple to set this up and just takes a few minutes of your time before the deposition. Simply when you schedule your next deposition with us request a live PIP and send over the exhibits you plan on using and that’s all!
(Note: if you label the exhibits you want to use something like “Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2” it will easier for the videographer to navigate through the exhibits and will make things go quicker)