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Whether your state has lifted the stay-at-home restrictions due to COVID-19 or not, you may still feel more comfortable working from home or not leaving your office. If you have a deposition to schedule, we offer a solution to meet your comfort needs. Our court reporters and videographers are trained and have a vast amount of experience in conducting remote depositions. While in the past there have been issues swearing in a witness remotely – we now offer a solution!

If your preference is staying safely and comfortably in your own home/office and you would like to continue moving forward with your deposition, please contact us at 800-446-1387. We will be more than glad to help. We also offer recorded Zoom depositions!

With remote depositions we have solutions!

  • SAFE

A link will be sent from our office allowing you to easily access the Zoom room.

Exhibits can be sent to us prior to the deposition. We will download and send the files to our reporters who will share them as needed during the deposition. The attending attorneys also have the option of sharing as needed. The exhibits can be viewed during the deposition at any time using the shared-screen option. This screen allows you to share your documents while still seeing the attendees at the same time.

Swearing in of witness can be taken care of remotely by our court reporters. He/she will enter a statement on the record. The witness will be asked to produce a government-issued identification for verification and will be told to hold it in front of him/her on the screen for all participants to see. This will all take place before the deposition proceedings start.

Interpreters can also appear if needed. The interpreter will appear remotely as all other participants and will speak the translations as usually handled in a regular face-to-face deposition.

If you need to schedule a remote deposition please contact us at 800-446-1387 or by email: