Basic Etiquette For Zoom Depositions

April 6, 2022

So you have found yourself in a situation where you have to participate in a virtual deposition. It’s no question that conducting a trouble-free deposition can be a challenge. Since COVID-19,  it has become even more challenging to have your deposition run smooth. Here at Legal Media Experts, our staff have expertise in conducting well-organized depositions and have some tips on how you can help your virtual deposition run smoothly.

Make Sure You Have Good Internet Connection:

In order for our court reporter to be able to accurately transcribe your virtual deposition,  you must have a good
internet connection so you can be heard crystal clear by all participants and our court reporter. This will help our
court reporter make your transcript as accurate as possible.

Set Up Where There Is No Background Noise & Use A Headset:

Background noise can make it incredibly difficult for our court reporter to hear the testimony. We want to
make sure that we can accurately transcribe everyone’s testimony. Having a quiet place to attend your virtual
deposition can ease stress and help you think clearer. Also, using a headset can help you hear everyone
clear and block out any background noise.

Make Sure One Person Is Done Speaking Before Answering:

Here at Legal Media Experts, it is incredibly important for us to make sure everyone is heard and our court reporters can properly get everyone’s testimony. Having a virtual deposition makes it even more difficult to know when one person is finished speaking. To prevent any misunderstandings in your transcript, wait until one person is done speaking before you answer/ask a question.

Pause Between Questions/Answers So Attorneys Have Time To Interject Objections:

We know that depositions can be stressful for participants, and with it being remote, this is especially more difficult. It goes much smoother and creates a better transcript if everyone waits between questions and  answers so objections can be heard and recorded correctly.

If you have any further questions or would like to book your next Zoom Deposition, please reach out to us at 800-446-1387 or book online now!  We look forward to helping you make sure your next Zoom Deposition goes off without a hitch.