Woodland Hills Court Reporting Services

We are happy to provide full-service professional court reporting and legal videography services in Woodland Hills. LME’s can-do philosophy is visible in our court reporters, who believe in keeping up with technology and staying up to date so you can make the most of your deposition.

Legal Media Experts can handle all of your Woodland Hills deposition needs, including: Expedited delivery, realtime reporting, dirty ASCIIs, text/video synch, videoconferencing, legal videography, PDF transcripts, e-Transcripts, scanned exhibits, online deposition and exhibit repository, and online booking.
Book your next Woodland Hills deposition with confidence: Call LME at 1-866-646-4844 or use our online scheduler.

Our Woodland Hills, CA Court Reporter Suite is located at:
21900 Burbank Boulevard, Third Floor, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA 91367