Salt Lake City, UT Court Reporting

Salt Lake City, UT Court Reporting, Remote Depositions, Legal Videography, Video Conferencing, Process Serving & Trial Presentation
You can book everything from your court reporter to your translator, conference room, and legal videographer with our easy-to-use online scheduler or give us a call.  Your mind can be put to rest that you will receive the highest possible services whenever you call LME.  We take pride in providing our customers high-quality transcripts and professional videotaped depositions.  We offer competitive rates, excellent service, and include e-Transcripts & PDF transcripts. Our court reporters are familiar with Salt Lake City.

Call us at 800-446-1387 or use our online scheduler for your next deposition!

LME believes in offering the latest technologies available:

Realtime Reporters
Next-day/Expedited Transcripts
PDF Transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits
Video-to-text Synch
Professional Legal Videographers
Focus Groups
Online Repository
Document Management
Conference Rooms

Our Salt Lake City, Utah Court Reporter Suite is located at:

50 West Broadway, Suite 1000
Salt Lake City, UT 84101