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Chapel Hill Office Location

Our spacious conference room, located at 1340 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, provides a versatile setting for your next deposition. The abundance of lights illuminates the room, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Adjacent to the facility, you’ll find a variety of stores and restaurants, offering convenient options for breaks and dining. Equipped with a phone and a TV, the conference room ensures seamless communication and multimedia depositions. With its ideal location, ample space, and essential amenities, our conference room is the perfect choice for successful depositions.

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Our Chapel Hill, NC Court Reporter Suite Location One:

1340 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

* See hotel and restaurant suggestions below map! *

Court Reporting, Legal Videography, Video Conferencing, Remote Depositions, Process Serving & Trial Presentation in Chapel Hill, NC

Legal Media Experts provides experienced court reporters and legal videographers for depositions in Chapel Hill, NC. Our expertise in medical malpractice keeps our reporters familiar with the UNC campus and hospital. Call us for your next deposition at UNC Hospital or UNC Campus. Our offices are conveniently located in Chapel Hill. We will arrange for conference facilities upon request. 

Let Legal Media Experts take your case from discovery to trial. In addition to court reporting services, we provide trial and mediation support, settlement and day-in-the-life videos, focus group support and facilitation, and court technology education. For court reporter services in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, call us at 1-800-446-1387 or use our convenient online scheduler for your next deposition!

Aloft Chapel Hill
1001 South Hamilton Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
This hotel is only a 7 minute walk from our conference room.

261 S. Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
This restaurant serves a variety of foods. Open 7 days a week at 7:00am.